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Linkage Phrases

Linkage, refers to using words in a manner that implies a cause-effect relationship. It is the use of words to tie together hypnotic suggestions in a covert manner, by providing a direction of thought without blatantly commanding it. If you want something to be experienced by your subject it is easier to provide language which suggests that something will occur due to something else. Here are three forms of linkages phrases for you to play with.

The weakest type of "link" is the word “AND”: - “X and Y”.
You are reading this page AND you are wondering what kind of examples I am going to offer after this one.

The second type of “link” establishes the connection in “time” with words such as “AS”, “WHILE”, “DURING”, and “WHEN”: - “as X,Y”.
AS you continue to learn about the effects of your language, you can begin to realize how useful these suggestions will be.

The strongest type of "link" uses words which provide causality. Some examples of these words are “MAKE”, “CAUSE”, “FORCE”, “BECAUSE”, etc. – “X causes Y”.
Making up your own examples, will RESULT in your becoming naturally covert.

So take a deep breath, AND slowly let it out.
Now AS you sit there wondering, “what can I do with all this”.
The simple practice of covertly suggesting your directions, WILL GET you the results you seek.


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