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Drill Number One: OK. The way we work this, first you must lose your dependency on space. Or let's go back to its more earlier basic. First you must discover that this is the line to use. So the first drill that we will do has to do with this. Drill: Find the Telepathic Band 3 Theta line. That means: To find it, you have to differentiate from this kind of thing and from this kind of thing and this, alright? So you have to find out that there is such a Band here and to differentiate from TPB 1 and 2. That's your first drill - to find out and to know when you have it and know that the other two Bands of emotion and beam are not it, ok? That will be the first drill. We'll do these in a moment.

Drill Two: Now, the second drill is to gradually reduce your necessity for having the space be close together. You see the end result here, we are approaching an "ARC" - or Affinity, Reality and Communication - where they can exchange directly. But most people are very used to confronting people across a small space. You see? If it's very close like this they can communicate. So you get farther and farther away they can't do it so well - and finally they have to use a telephone. You see? We have to eliminate your dependency upon closeness and farness or the degree of space you can tolerate on this.

So the thing to do is: Practice a simple telepathic recognition drill and then extend space on a gradient. This is a little series of drills actually. This is done by getting a few objects or cards or 3 numbers or whatever you want to do it with - little objects - putting them on a table in the middle here and having one person start the other person. And the other person thinks of one of those, and this person says right away what it is. And the other person says: "Yes" or "No". And they don't mess around. The guy can say: "Well, yeah, ok - " (You can actually find out what Band the guy was on or what he was doing right or wrong.) OK. Then the other person does it with the other person. He says: "OK. Start. "Ah, hm, I think it's that." "OK." Boom, boom - keep it going. Now what you are trying to do is identify exactly what this guy - where is he coming through? Where is this line? Where is the actual thought there? So that is the first drill. Right across the table until the thought is there and the things are being recognized immediately as the guy is thinking of them. You understand?

Then one person stays in this room with the objects (or some of them) and the other person goes in the other room with some of them and they talk around the door. So they can still hear but they now know that they are not reading the persons face or something like that - but that they are actually getting the telepathic line without having to be in the same space. There is now a barrier between them but they can still do it. And when they can do that - well, then they can move to another area of the building or across the street or anywhere and do it. You see? But now... what has to come in here? We have to put in one arbitrary in telepathic communication drills. When you start doing them over a distance such as that you have to have a synchronization of time. Otherwise you are going to maybe start when the other person is thinking of something else or answering the telephone. They are answering the telephone and you are trying to get in telepathic comm with them!

You are then going to have a funny feeling like: "Hey, what's the matter, feels like it's not the right time now..." because it's not right. The attention units - the attention or the line here of ARC, this affinity line, may be over here going to somebody else at that time. So it's not on this particular telepathic exchange. So the second telepathic drill to extend space on a gradient... this would be in one or two rooms.

Then the Number Three Drill is to practice the telepathic recognition drill with distance. You know? But now you can't easily speak and so you can get to two different houses and do it with telephones - to check the results with telephones at agreed times. Now that means that it is just as if a telex would be used: "We will call you on the telex at 8 o'clock in the morning", "We will call to you", you see? So the telex machine here calls the telex machine there. Alright, they call up. Then the person says: "OK, I understand. Go ahead." Then one sends his message. Now it's the other person's turn to send his message, you see? There has to be an agreement at which time both people will be willing to sacrifice all the other things and have the ARC to do the telepathic drill.

Just like if the phone rings: "Oh, excuse me a minute, I have to answer the phone." That's a normal thing in the society, right? Normal! A normal thing - the phone rings while they talk and: "Oh, I've got to answer the phone." Why? It's another attention line to another person - another communication line - to somebody who is far away, so it's more important to get that one and find out who it could be, hey? Because you can always talk to this person - he is right here, you see? "Oh, it's somebody far away calling me! Wow!" Now suppose somebody is coming in with Telepathy from all the way on the other side of the planet! Well, you don't want to have it interrupting - you know - your phone calls and your going out and your walk in the street and your shopping or your business or whatever. So you set up a time. You set up a time. And you make that priority and you say, let's say: "Noon!" - mittags - and you say: "The time is 12 o'clock." And you get a quiet room and you have your telepathic communication with the other person. Who sends first is already agreed or you can get together and you can just... if you are very good at it you just say: "Ok, you want to go first?", "Yeah.", "Go first." - Boom, Boom - but you are doing it all with thought.

You get his message, you write it down, you give him your message written down and you have the whole thing. You can put the telex company out of business and also the telegrams and letters. OK. So you have to have a the agreement to practice this drill, right? Now this is a recognition drill over a far distance.

Drill Four: Practice telepathic message drill. Now we are going to do the message drill. But first together across the table so you get the familiarity with it. Then move it into the next room and then move it across the space to another house or another area. The message drill is no more difficult than the recognition drill. You are just doing the recognition drill with simple a, b, c or objects - you know - a hall, a piece of wax, a string, an envelope. It's simple. You are just getting one word. But now you are going to be getting messages. So you write a whole message down and the other person writes their message down and you try to get in comm with them and you get that person's message and you give your message. And then you bring the papers and you compare, OK?

Drill Five: I will tell you that I have worked with a guy in Spain - John Caban - on this. We did this particular drill on the next part which is: "practice telepathic message drill with a distance at agreed time." We did this - (Drill Number Five) - because he also found that he had been trained on this in the past. And so we did it between Madrid, Spain, and an airplane that was nearly arriving at Kennedy Airport in New York City. At a certain time. I was on the plane and he was back in Madrid. We wrote down our messages and contacted, wrote down what the other person had and the other person wrote down what he had. And when I came back to Spain a few weeks later we pulled them out and put them there together and they were 95% the same thing. 95% - there were one or two words that were different... but the sense was all there. All the meaning and all the sense of the message was there. One or two words only - as maybe an "an" for a "the" or something like that. It was very minor. And that was just our first attempt then. We weren't even... you know... even drilling very much, we were just doing it like a drill just to see what would happen. OK? So that was about 3000 miles distance and it was instantaneous. OK?

Now, Drill Six: Once you have done all this you might want to extend your network by getting familiar with another terminal on Drills One to Five.


That means that once you have practiced with somebody you may very well know them and you may very well know how to pick them up and how to send to them. But each person is a bit different and this you find out as you do telepathic communication: That each person "feels" a bit different. You sense them a bit differently and so on.

It is very wise to get familiar with the terminals you would normally be in telepathic communication with. It is good to establish the high affinity, reality and communication needed so that you can not be fooled by someone pretending to be someone else. Each terminal has a definite recognition pattern, just like each telephone has a separate number, each radio has a separate call sign, ja? Each person you have telepathic comm with will be different in their characteristics of communication and by knowing that and knowing it well you can never be fooled. No one else can duplicate that particular pattern and that is the individuality of the person, alright? So that is why we do Drill Number Six, because this will enable you to do the telepathic communication without having someone put false data into your communication. You may have already experienced this. There have been Russian telepaths trying to interfere with some of our people that have some telepathic knowledge and pretending to be me. They have already tried to do that. They pretended to be me. I actually heard one of them one time and I know some of you heard from them and they pretended to be me. These people know, of course, that it's not me - the people that they are sending to know that it's not me because they know me, you see? But these people that are on these lower Bands, on these emotion and beam bands they don't really understand Telepathy, you see? They don't really understand it at all. They are operating like it's some kind of a thing that they can control with matter, energy, space and time and it's not something you can do that with. It's something that is controlled by the persons themselves. As I said before there would be a lot of enemies to Telepathy in communications because the telephone company, the telex company, the mail service and the post will all have a very difficult time. They'll have to be very good because Telepathy is a lot faster and it doesn't cost you anything. So they better get their service up or we go into competition with them. OK.

So, basically, after this series of drills... right?... you can then do another one. This is... now we are going into the more or less: "How do we utilize them" and this sort of thing... but you can now do this, which is a little "scanning", a scanning for terminals. You can do Drill Seven which is called: Scanning for Terminals. It means - just letting your attention move around searching for telepathic communication of any type and listening in on it or trying to get a terminal that can do it and finding out what's going on. So this gives you information, alright? And you can also scan for terminals or data.

Now many people transmit telepathically whether they know it or not. They are transmitting telepathically while they are talking or while they are thinking. They are transmitting telepathically. And if you have time to listen you can recognize the line, you can pick it up, and thus comes the idea that: "Ooooh, they can read our minds." No, we don't read the mind. We don't need to read the mind. It just looks like a bunch of garbage. We don't care about that. But when somebody is thinking and unknowingly putting out a telepathic line at the same time then if you understand Telepathy you can hear it. You can pick it up, you can get the sense of it. Therefore they think you are reading their minds. You're not. They are sending it! They are broadcasting. They are sending it out. They are saying: "Here, here, here, sense the data." It's their own fault. It's their own fault. OK?

Now you ask... now there might be a question or so about this... on the drills here. You can see the distance extend, you can try to contact people as far away as you can imagine and you might. So I want to point out here though that there are some things to be careful of on this. Now we will look at the things that can go funny on this. Right. Things that need "handling" or "correction". This is the Qual actions or you might say the Qualification or Review of this (Chart VI).

Now this is Review Drill - or Number Eight: If there is at any time... let's say it's a precaution or let's say it's review actions. Now the first thing that could happen is that a person could get hooked up on a wrong line and not make any more progress. In other words, they could get hooked up on using an emotional Telepathy and would be forever locked into emotional Telepathy.

Or they could be hooked up on this beam Telepathy and they would then go far apart and they couldn't do it because it would dissipate too much and you could never pick it up. Now these are handled by just going back and doing Drill One where they differentiate. So if a person is fixed on "wrong band" then do Drill One. OK?

The other thing is you have... shall we say, there are spirits on the planet and there are certain radiations on the planet, like radio wave and other projections... by the way, the governments are also experimenting with the amplification of thought and projecting it on microwaves, so that they can hypnotize you at a distance, or put thoughts in your mind.

You must recognize these - shall we say - ghostly spirits, or spirits without bodies, or just awareness units around the planet, or these ghostly beams that are coming in with messages on them and telling you to: "Be calm! Be calm! Be calm!" - that's what they do in England, that's their buzz-word there: "Be calm! Be calm!". So if a person is receiving these things they might say: "Gee, I get these funny telepathic messages!" - you know, somebody is saying "Look at the beautiful sunset", or "No! It's wrong! You are doing wrong!". Just weird statements out of the blue, you see? But you could be receiving it from free Thetans, right?

So let's say "receiving but not the right terminal". Now there are four situations:

1. It could be electronics, electronic amplified thought. And in that case we will have a wave phenomenon - you feel it like a - bzzzzzz - there will be a "buzz" with it. It will be more like hearing a television turn on, you know - eeeeeee - you know how it feels, the wave that you feel, that high frequency thing with it. An amplified thought, electronically amplified thought, sounds sort of impersonal and robotic. It comes in just like a zombie, like a robotic type of command or something like that. It doesn't have a personality with it. You can feel that there was a personality there once but it's now been pushed out by the electronics, and so that can be differentiated.

2. You could have an impostor. That means a person doing Telepathy pretending to be somebody else. You can always check these by knowing who the person is and drilling with the person that you are going to communicate with so you have the ARC high enough that you cannot mistake that. So it could be an impostor and again this is handled by the drills. All this is handled by drills. You see this one - electronic amplified thought - that's handled by the first lecture parts and also Drill Number One. And this one is handled by Drill Number Six - getting familiar with the various terminals you are in comm with, right, so that you don't get an impostor.

You see, this could be from other spirits in the atmosphere that were just going around - mhmhmhmhmh - like this, spiritual ARC but nonsense. It doesn't make any sense to what you are doing or anything. You know? It doesn't make any sense at all. And this stuff... you can just tell it to go away, you know? It's done by Drill Six to recognize who it is you are getting it from and then just to tell this person... tell them: "Go away!" with intention - the same intention that you use in Telepathy - and they will.

You just give them the telepathic message: "Get lost! Go away!" They will, you see, because they are responding to Telepathy, they are sending you something so you just respond. You will find that it's usually beam, that it's usually on the band of beam and emotion, this stuff - "I'm afraid! I'm afraid!". You hear this little voice, "I'm afraid! I'm afraid" - "Go away...". OK?

3. Then you can also have the picking up of a ... what do you call it? ... party line. This means that somebody is talking or sending Telepathy but he doesn't know it. Or he is sending it to somebody over here but it's spreading over there and it's on a lower band. In other words, you are coming in on the telepathic comm but it isn't for you. You know, somebody maybe broadcasting without knowing it or as in the case of the Russian spies they send it out on a beam and somebody else picks it up and it says: "Agent 30402 Veruschka go to Petrograd immediately...". You know, something like that. What the hell is all that coming through? But you will hear things like that.

OK. So, "party line". And that's also handled by drills... knowing Drill One through Six again. And if you are doing Drill Seven you get familiar with these. So Drill Seven will handle all of these by your becoming familiar with what you are receiving. So you can actually say: "Oh, that's that, that's that, that's that." you know - Boom! You don't have to turn your radio on if you don't want to hear it. You see what I mean? This is like the radio, you tune in the guy you want but if somebody else is coming in, you know, you can turn the radio off. You see, you don't have to hear this stuff. OK. So that's about the basic things you run into.

4. And if a person is "fixed and they can't really find this Telepathy thing", there is one other thing which can be handled and that is improve the psychic Theta ability. And that's done, again, with processing and training in Scientology. That's what's been doing it for thirty years. And you notice it's been one of those heavily attacked subjects in the world. And fanatics and suppressives try to take it over, rob it, kill it, blind it, kill the people in it and everything else. It's so fantastic because it does improve psychic abilities, I can guarantee you that. And the people that have done it honestly for thirty years do have quite good psychic abilities. So. This will do it. But make sure you go to the right people. Not to people that are trying to rip you off. Go to some of the Free Zone Independent Groups and they will give you the processing and training necessary that will help you with these abilities.

So these are the handlings for anything that goes wrong with the drills or with the person in their practice of Telepathy.

Any questions about all on this? Very good. OK.

Thank you.

Anyway, that's the end of the part about the drilling and the "how-do-you-do-its". OK. Thank you.

* * * * *

OK. Well, now you have all had a little break and a little chance to talk about and practice the drills... (or get the video tape and you can actually sit down and do these drills or buy a tape which will have all these drills on it or you can actually purchase the drills as a separate issue and we will maybe also have a transcript of the lecture later on for sale).

But now I want to go back to some of the questions that you asked me in the beginning and I want to really get you to understand something here. What is the purpose of doing this seminar at all? Now what can you use it for? What can you apply this to? If you run the telephone company out of business it doesn't mean that you are going to be rich or anything like that because what are you going to replace it with? You are just going to be... anybody can learn Telepathy. My idea is that anybody should learn it as it is a survival necessity.

But what are you going to do with this knowledge? Well, one of the things is: First, you can stay in communication with your friends no matter what happens to your normal communication systems - the telephone, the telex and so on like that. You do not have to be dependent, you don't have to depend on the normal communication systems. Therefore in the event of war, disaster, economic problems or you can't pay your phone bill you can still communicate. So that's one advantage.

Second of all: It gives you a higher understanding of the other person and their nature and also extends your pattern of a network. You might become like a group of amateur radio operators and have a whole network of telepaths with identifying call signs and all that - like the truck drivers do it and so on. You know: "This is telepath 'Sweetmind'..." - you know - "and 'Honeythoughts' coming in...", you know? They have identification tags, you know. So you might have this whole CB-lingo coming on into the idea of Telepathy. "Here is the 'Mental Giant' coming on". Ja. I can see this happen. And once you have such a network... (laughter) hahaha... that was probably her "handle" back there... hahaha... 'Sweetmind' or 'Honeythoughts'... hahaha... Anyway, I did want to mention that this could become a possibility.

Also no one will be able to fool you with any electronically directed thoughts, amplified through machinery or electronic waves, they won't be able to fool you and give you false orders and directions and ideas through those. You will be probably entirely immune to anything such as that and also to hypnotism and other various ways which you could be controlled.

You will also be able to receive and monitor thoughts that may be dangerous to your country or to yourself or to your community such as I told you about - for example, these spies using this stuff.

Now if you also wanted to get together in your network and set up a monitoring service... that would also be entirely acceptable. A telepathic monitoring service with a little "central" where people find exactly what's going on in the world. And they write it down perhaps on a regular piece of paper and mail it to this monitoring center. Or they telepathize it if the monitoring center can afford people to stay there 24 hours a day and receive all the telepathic comms and have times for each other to come in. But it's easier in this case to actually telephone it in or send it in on a computer or in the mail so it can all be assembled and put out as a little magazine, you see? And it could say: "Hey, look! Five hundred telepaths today picked up that the Russians are setting up an entire European demonstration and it is going to happen in Paris on the 17th. Anybody wanting to attend, please, book your hotel now, because it's going to happen on the 17th." You know? And so you can do little funny things like that. Just totally "blow" all of these scenarios, you know? The things that are planned for your amusement that appear in the papers after they have happened, but you can find out about them before they happen. Therefore you wouldn't really need newspapers anymore. There are a lot of things here and I hope you really enjoy it all.

Now one of the questions, which I noticed no one has asked but I do want to answer, is: What about the 190 different languages that are used on this planet? How can one extend their telepathic net - without knowing 190 different languages - to all the good people around the world? Well, there is such a thing - besides doing it as we said with words and messages and so on - there is such a thing as Concept Telepathy.

Since you started off with the drills using objects and you were giving the "idea" of an object or the "name" of an object, you could do it either way. You could say: "This is a tape". But, you could also give the concept of that. In other words, give a picture or a concept of a tape box and the other person will get that: "Ah!". And in his language he would say: "Tape" or "Tonband".

So Telepathy can be in words because you pick up the thought. If the guy thinks in words you get it in words. If he thinks in concepts you get it in concepts. So if he thinks of that tape being put in that machine then the other person will get: "Ah, he wants me to put the tape in the machine." So Telepathy can transcend the barriers of language. It can be done in concepts as well.

In fact you could repeat all of those drills and do them only in concepts so that you wouldn't use words. You would use a concept - a concept of that object, an actual... you "visualize" the object and send it that way. The telepathic line is a very light line - it doesn't require any energy or a lot of force or any emotion or anything. It's just very light... it's just easy... it's just thinking about putting the tape in the machine. But it has to be with the understanding that it is going to be duplicated at another point and knowing that point and getting in the link-up with that point. And then when you think it, it's immediately received, the other person feeling the same way.

So that is for the, let's say, the next expansion phase of Telepathy: To move it into a conceptual Telepathy. And in this way you will find that you can be in communication with even alien species, you know, people such as your tax collectors and so on like that. I'm talking about alien species here, people that are, you know, pretending that they are not human. So you can actually get into communication and monitor their activities as well.

Now you can see why there has been so little written about and so little exposed about Telepathy in the last thousands of years. It's because first of all it's a very simple subject and second of all it's very dangerous for those who want to maintain control over you. Because once you have Telepathy and once a few of your friends have Telepathy and once you can train others on Telepathy it becomes very hard to enslave you, it becomes very hard to take over your freedoms.

And that really is the purpose of why I'm giving you this lecture and this seminar on Telepathy. I don't want you to be slaves. I don't want any of us to be slaves. I want you all to enjoy your freedom and to enjoy it with others like yourselves who want others to expand, be free, and to be in communication with anyone else they wish to without being subject to the problems of matter, energy, space, time or the telephone bill.

So that - in a nutshell - explains exactly why I'm giving this seminar and what it is and why you may not have heard about it before. And now that you've heard about it can you use it? Can you do it? Do you want to be free? If you do and you understand that: if you want to practice this and if you want to do it, and if you want to expand the network, then I think we will have a marvelous New Civilization here where it will be so free and so much fun that the days of the present and the problems of the present will all have vanished and we will not have anything except a sweet aesthetic feeling that everyone understands everyone else and we can be at peace and we can be happy. Thank you very much.

* * * * *

Gut, OK. The people here at the pilot project have just done some telepathic drills involving recognition of objects, increasing of the space, doing numbers, letters, words and then changing partners and relaying messages and getting the idea of the different terminals. I'd just like to get a short statement from each one of them about what successes they had and realizations they had while doing these drills. We didn't, of course, get to the EP (End Phenomenon), the whole thing of being a fully trained communicator on Telepathy. That would take some weeks. But the actual fact of Telepathy and how realistically it can be done, I think was shown to be possible.

First we will start with the hostess - Martha - would you like to say anything about your drills and successes?

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