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Erotic Hypnosis

So what does hypnosis have to do with SEX and SEDUCTION ? How about everything you could possibly think of and more.

The human mind is an incredible thing, and believe it or not, sex is totally and completely initiated, enveloped, and fulfilled "or not", because of what goes on in that beautiful organ we call the... and yes it is very different when comparing that of a woman's to that of a man's; and although each operate similarly, both have different needs, and both have different desires but we still like to call that wonderful organ, the one we fight so hard to protect and control, YOURMIND.

Experiments and studies have all shown a common element about sex in relation to what goes on in one's mind. This common element is the fact that for both men and women, sex and all the gratifications that come with it must be experienced within the mind in order to have any kind of fulfillment within the body. Most people believe that the only way to have any form of physical sensation, is to have some kind of physical stimulus applied, and this belief is often overly exaggerated when it comes to thoughts of sexual gratification. Let me tell you, that nothing could be further from the truth, although the physical thing is really most incredible, and personally I think life would be a real drag in life without, now... would you like to know more?

Scientific results taken using electrical sensors have been applied on both men and woman during the sleep cycle in order to measure the physical responses associated with dreams. What study after study has found is this, both men and women experience all forms of measurable physical sensations during the dream cycle including that of achieving explosive orgasms during sexual dreams. That's right, wet dreams along with their associated orgasms can, and are achieved fully and completely, during one's dream cycle with both men and women, and scientific measurements show these orgasms to be just as intense, and gratifying, with the exact same measured readings taken during the actual physical process of having sex, all without anyone's physical touch at all; now I'll bet you wish, you could remember all of your dreams and we can arrange for that too, if you continue on down this page.

Now..... are you interested in learning more? Would you like to learn how to have the partner of your choice crave you sexually? Would you like to learn how to find out what makes him or her click, and what drives your lover's sexual energy beyond reason? Would you like to be able to harness the power of your partners’ orgasm, and trigger it, anyplace at anytime?

You do,... I thought so,... so just read on and you will also learn how to win the affections of that special person you have had your eye on. You will learn how to guarantee positive feedback on internet dating services and find the love of your dreams, and if that isn't enough for you, you will also learn right here today what everyone should have been taught in grade school as to how to keep your love life fresh, and prevent nasty associations that lead to the all to common breakup, and incidence of divorce, so that hopefully we can put all those leach and vulture type divorce lawyers into bankruptcy and out of business for good.

Now let's get started In this game we enjoy so much, called "the game of love". Here below you will find a number of Secrets, Sexually enticing Secrets, and the knowledge to achieve them, along with specially developed products to help you get there quickly, easily, and with little more effort than just being the wonderful person that you truly are.

Secret Number 1: In the game of sales, we are always selling only one thing, "GOOD FEELINGS", and so is the game of LOVE!!
- What does rule number one have to do with sex and seduction, well just like hypnosis, the answer is "everything". In the game of love we all have a product, and in this case, that product is ourselves. Now, unless that special someone drops on top of you from the heavens above, you have to somehow provide something about yourself that will draw that special someone towards you, and into your life. In order to accomplish this, there has to be something magnetically charming and enticing about you, something that over powers that special someone’s conscious and unconscious minds with a message that says "hey,... there is something special here, something that just feeels ohhh sooo goood , and I want more!!".

- So how do we achieve this magnetic charm, how do we create within us that long time hidden secret which few people have, yet everyone wants known as animal magnetism. Well my friends, it is all in one's attitude, it's in one's own inner structure of beliefs, it is what is seen within the soul of your eyes, it's in the way you walk, talk, hold yourself, but most of all, there is one more thing, one very important thing that sets everything else in motion to get you what you want; it's the thoughts within yourmind that create and generate the energy, that reaches out and touches that special someone in such a way that says, "there is something here about this person, something big, something soooo special, that I can sense will take me beyond the moon, the stars, the entire galaxy with ecstasy, and I gotta have it right here, right now".

- Ok now, have I got your attention? Good, let's get started. First pick up your shoulders, because nobody likes a slouch, and good posture projects an inner strength, confidence, and a special something that so few people have that says "yes, there really is something very special about me... now wouldn't you like some of this".

- Now... if you don't believe me, just try this for a moment so that you can learn for yourself. Drop your shoulders, drop your head down and focus your eyes towards the ground, put a frown on your face, and think awful nasty thoughts, and tell me how you feel. Not very good I would bet.

- So lets try something that will work a lot better. Take a deep breath... and lift your shoulders up and back, throw your chest out, raise your head up high, put a smile on your face, raise your eyes up and just think about how good life will be once you have all that you want. Think about the things that make you feel great, think about the special qualities life and this planet have that make life worth living, think about the power of love, and now tell me.... how good do you feel? I'm willing to bet that you feel much better, don't you, and I can guarantee, and I will bet you anything you like, that you will attract many more riches into your life just by applying this one little simple technique. If you don't believe me do it one more time, and try with all your might to feel bad, I bet you can't.

- As odd as it might seem, many people have trouble with the above exercise, because unfortunately, it seems that feeling bad is somewhat easier. Well let me remind you that it takes a lot less energy to smile, than it does to frown, and the results you will achieve once you continue to do so, smile that is, will keep you smiling longer attracting even more riches into your life. Now, I know some of you might be thinking "but what about good looks". That's what I say, "what about good looks Dr. Frank?" When you frown, no matter who you are, you never look as good as you should, but when you smile, I guarantee someone will smile back, and people smile because they like what they see, or because of how they feel, and if it's coming from you, well then... you must be looking all that much better, aren't you?

- Now for those of you that would like some help with this extra little bit of special magic. For those of you that really want that super special attitude that reprograms your inner structure of beliefs, to help bring out that fire filled passion within the soul of your eyes. For those of you that want just a little bit of help in creating and maintaining the kinds of thoughts within yourmind that create and generate that super special energy commonly known as "Animal Magnetism", that reaches out and touches that special someone in such a way that says, "there is something right here, something big, something soooo special, I gotta have it right here... right now... now, now, now's the time, get everyone out of my way because I am going to eat you right up", I have developed a very special program called Magnetic Charm, which I will tell you about briefly before we get to Secret number 2.



In this interactive e-book you will learn the fine art of command, influence and control.  You will learn to show confidence, become and effective leader and get what you want and deserve in life. 10.00

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EE.UU. castiga a países que no apoyan inmunidad a sus soldados

El Congreso de EEUU ha aprobado un recorte selectivo en las ayudas a aquellos países latinoamericanos que rechacen ofrecer inmunidad diplomática a los soldados estadounidenses ante la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI), con sede en La Haya.

25 de noviembre de 2005

Ecuador consta en la lista de países castigados

(JPEG)  primero se le presta dinero a los presidentes  , para que esten a sus ordenes ,  luego se le cobra a los  paises para extraer sus riquesas y recursoso naturales, luego se les esclaviza  hasta que paguen la deuda ,  y cuando ya casi la pagan ,   el F.M.I  le presta otro  dinero a el presidente en turno  ,  es cosa de  esclavismo de la gente a guevo y en su  infinita misericirdia los estados unidos  dan dinero a los  gobiernos que apoyan  sus  medidas , y si no las  apoyan   les niegan la  ayuda , como  la ve desde ahi  quirido lector como  maneja el mundo  el benefactor mundial alias el baluarte de la livertad y la  democracia

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