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El nuevo oreden

 The New World Order (you know what the NWO is - the corporate-sponsored "free-trade" globalization steamroller) exploits language in precisely the way Orwell predicted. Words are used to mislead and conceal - not clarify - and are twisted to designate the opposite of their true meanings. Concepts are tagged as being either "good guys" or "bad guys" by dressing them up in "white hat" words (like "reform" or "free") or "black hat" words (like "bureaucracy" or "politics").El Nuevo Orden  usted sabe  que es, es- el mundo  corporacional globacional , usa  el doblelenguage  exactamente como orwell lo predijo


In Born on the Fourth of July (1989) Stone  Otra vez expone las mentiras en los lugares altos que orquestaron la guerra en viet nam, basado en la biografia de el veterano de guerraRon Kovic's  la pelicula  deja ver las mentiras oficiales para  engatuzar a los jovenes idealistas, para que se enlisten en la guerra,  el oficial miente tambien acerca de el aprecio por los veteranos,  .

Tom Cruise vividly depicts every stage of Kovic's journey. The popular athlete has never questioned the values inculcated at home, in church, or in school. When Marine Corps recruiters come to Kovic's high school, he volunteers, eager to show his mettle fighting America's enemies abroad. In Vietnam, he quickly learns that the enemy is hard to identify, hard to find. The neat distinctions of American football matches do not obtain here. We are still recoiling from the shocks inflicted on guileless recruits being reprogrammed for their new profession when we, the audience, are suddenly plunged into a chaotic fire-fight. We lose our bearings and understand how easy it is for Kovic to lose his bearings and accidentally shoot a comrade. But Kovic does not forgive himself, and he is slow to blame anyone else for his second tour of hell, even after a bullet shatters his spinal cord and leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

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