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Secret Number 2: The language of Love is the language of understandings.
- When people communicate they learn very quickly as to whether they like the company in their presence or not. Have you ever asked yourself what is it about some people that gives them an ability to communicate on a comfortable and understandable level with pretty well everyone, and then there are others that have the hardest time communicating with anyone at all. Have you ever wondered what that secret is? It is all within the language we choose to speak. I know what most of you are saying, "what are you talking about Dr. Frank, we all speak English here, what is there not to understand?"

- Yes most of us here do speak English, and some of us speak other languages, but that is not what I am talking about. If you look back in time, no matter what language you speak, I am sure that if you go into that wonderful storehouse of memories, you can locate certain times when you were communicating with someone, and deep inside you... have that feeling, the one that lets you know, without any doubt at all, that this person in front of you really understands you. I am also certain that we have all had experiences when we tried with all our might, and even though the person we were communicating with apparently spoke the same language, it seemed like everything went in one ear and out the other, there wasn't any understanding at all. Or how about this, have you ever been given some kind of direction, or offered some direction yourself, only to have that person freak out, or you yourself freak out saying, "that wasn't what I asked for". The key here is not specifically in the language you are speaking, but in the types of predicates you are using within your communication.

- "Predicates... now what are you talking about Dr. Frank, what are predicates, and where do I buy them?". First of all, you don't buy predicates, although I could sell you a vowel or two if you ask me nicely. Predicates are those words within your communicated sentences that specify which representational system you are predominantly using. Another way of putting it is this, predicates are words that indicate whether a person is using their visual (seeing), their kinesthetic (feeling), their auditory (hearing), and or their olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) representational systems. The fact of the matter is that we all use each of our representational systems all the time, but we all have a preference for one above the others most of the time. the critical point about this, is that if we mismatch our language to that of the person with whom we are communicating, our language ends up going through all kinds of distortions in the other persons mind, causing that person to think "what is this person talking about". When we match our predicates with that of the person we are speaking to, our communication ends up being easily understood, giving the person an essence and understanding that says "hey this person understands me, and is like me". We are not talking about a familiar heritage, or anything like that, but we are talking about an internal understanding, the kind that makes best friends between two people, the kind that says "hey, I like you because you are like me, and I feel comfortable talking to you". We are talking about the kind of language, that when put together in just the right way, at just the right time, will have that person in front of you jumping to eat you right up, and love you like you have never been loved before. Now... wouldn't you like some of that? Of course you do. so we will start with the basics first.

- What I am talking about is this, once you have the opportunity to speak to that special someone, pay attention. Pay specific attention to the language and listen for the type of predicates being used by the speaker. Here below are a few tricks as to how you can identify what representational system a person is using.

Visual Representational System:
Visual type language is identified by words such as "see, look, picture this, appear, display, focus, preview, reflect, foresee etc..."

Kinesthetic Representational System:
Kinesthetic language is represented by words such as feel, grasp, pinch me, break, carry, smooth, stuffed, tremble, hug and hold me .....

Auditory Representational System:
Auditory type language is identified by words such as answer, melody, chatter, cheer, shout, stammer, utter, grumble, echo....

Now here is what you do:
- Once you have picked out your chosen partners preferred representational system, match it. Use the same type of verbal predicates the person you are speaking to is using. This will provide them with a clearer understanding of what you are communicating, and will give that person the thought that you are easy to talk to, and everyone likes someone that is easy to talk to, along with a feeling of connectedness.

- Another method of picking up on a person's preferred representational system is to watch their eyes. If the person’s eyes are up or simply glaring straight into space, he or she is looking at pictures, which will be represented in their language. If the person's eyes are moving from right to left or just to one side but level, he or she is either hearing a conversation within his or her mind, or is talking to him or herself. If you see their eyes go down towards the floor, the person is accessing feelings, and getting in touch with what is going on.

- "So how does any of this lead to sex?" Well, sex is not just about using your mind, but it's also about being in your body, and once the connection has been made between consenting adults, we then want to be in our body. So if the person you are speaking to, is in a visual mode for instance, or any mode other than the kinesthetic one, we want to shift their gears so to speak. We want them feeling sensations in their body, we want them feeling those special feelings, those feelings of hunger, feelings of yearning, wanting you, we want them experienceing feelings that will have them jumping all over you, just dieing to eat you up. So how do we do that you just might be wondering.

- Ok... I heard some of you say that you wanted more... so here we go...

- I think first we should back track a little here. We do want our most probable partner to be in his or her body, but first let's get back to the language thing. The first thing we have done with the person of our interest is listen and match the language. Now, if the person is already in his or her kinesthetic mode; that is to say in the physical mode of sensation, shown by both the language used, and possibly even physical gestures, such as light touches or brushes against the body, then it's real easy, you just keep using your kinesthetic language, and talk about how certain things feel. Now to get a little more specific, unless you have already been intimate with each other; if you are a male, it is best to stay away form the use of directly sexual type language unless the lady has already began using it herself of course. and for you ladies, most of the time it is ok for you to start with the sexual language, in fact it just may totally relax the situation, but do use a little discretion, some guys are a little shy, and you don't want to scare them just yet; maybe a little later... Now back to the guys; instead, you want to possibly talk about something else, but use your language in such a way that she could interpret it sexually is she so chooses. For example:

- You know... the other day I was walking out in the country... the glorious sun was beaming down on me... and I couldn't help myself but to just smile... as I climbed the next ridge, and noticed this tower... so strong and tall... as I came closer... and closer... and I could still smell the sweet fragrance of spring... with the flowers blooming... open wide... and the birds and the bee's happily... doing there thing... have you ever experienced anything like that... now just... create an opening for all of this... so I looked at that tower... as it just kind of drew me right in... as I came closer... just wondering... what special treasure I might find hiding inside... and I looked for an opening... when it almost just sucked me right in... and what an experience... when I then noticed the steps... and I began climbing... higher and higher... with my heart pounding harder and harder... as I got closer and closer... I could feel a special something... building deep inside... that tower... taking me higher and higher... and as I came closer to the top... this feeling just came over me... with a pounding shudder... as I collapsed to the ground... my heart pounding from the experience... when I just knew... that I had found that special something... right here in front of me... as I took a deep breath... of that fresh spring air... and felt the whisper of a soft breeze against my skin... this was exactly what I had been looking for... all this time...

- So you see, you can project thoughts, without actually saying what you are thinking. And when you do that my friends... well the thoughts become her thoughts... not yours... because she created them... and once she realizes that... there is only one question... your place or mine...

- Now... just to make sure everyone is straight on this, you can and should use some visual language... especially when telling a story, make it colorful, make it bright. Use your pauses tactfully, to give her time to picture what you are saying... and your tonality should touch her heart... keep your tone low... calm and soft...

- The next thing you want to keep in mind, is the use of directive type language. You want to tell them straight out to experience things, but you want to do it in such a fashion that it doesn't seem as though you directed anything, just like I did in the example above. "now just... create an opening for all this". You want your directions to be subtle, so they go unnoticed and only attended to, and you want to use words that link one thing to another. Such phrasing is termed linkage, of which you can learn more about by clicking the link here. By using linkage, you keep the listeners mind connected and following you always having the assumption that one thing lead to another. How useful might that be, well I'll tell you something it could be very useful, and very troublesome if you aren't careful, so think about your language before you speak.

- Now these tips here above in regards to language do apply to both men and woman, but... and this is a big butt, and not all that nicely rounded. The thing is about this hypnotic language, that it works best with woman, and not very well with men. You see woman have a much more naturally stronger ability to follow such things because their cerebral cortex is three times the size of a males, in turn giving them a natural tendency to be able to mix both the left, and right brain hemispheres, or you could say the logical and creative sides of the brain together. It is for this reason that we have always heard of woman's intuition, and never about a mans. We do have intuition it is just a little more difficult for us to catch it, but we can get much better with practice. It is for this reason that stories go over well with woman, where as men most often remain dissociated. But ladies no need to worry because all you have to now is this. Men are real easy you see, because all you have to do is give them something appealing to look at it, and that should be to hard, lol, and once you have provided that, and a wink or to, just to let them think they have a chance... BOOOOOOOMMMMMMM... don't they go... into a deep... deep... trance... and we rarely ever realize it. If you don't believe me, just go into a gym or something, and watch the stupid things that men do once a woman is around that catches their attention. I have to admit.. I myself have done some major incredibly ridiculous things to impress a woman... but now, that I know about all this... ahhh, who am I kidding... I'll probably always do those crazy things if she really catches my attention... I can't help it... that's hypnosis... and woman use the best and most definite of the techniques on us all the time... would you like to know what that is... I bet you would... maybe after my next request for more... so just tell me how much you want to know... I can tell you, and I can tell you many more things, but I am not really sure how much... you want this information. So for each of you that decides to write me, saying "Yes, I want to know more about erotic hypnosis", I will continue to add a new paragraph or two to this page. So just click this link and let me know, how much you really want this information.

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